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Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Powder

It may be popular as a traditional ice cream flavor, but vanilla is also known for adding just the right touch to anything you use it on. Why not add a little vanilla zest to some healthy tea? With Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Powder, the sweet taste of matcha goes perfectly with the tinge of vanilla. No matter how you like to drink IT, this powder is flexible enough to become your daily go-to drink of choice. Enjoy it as a tea when you need to wind down, mix it into a smoothie before leaving for work, whatever you like.


No one likes to have processed or artificial ingredients in their drink when there’s an all natural choice, and you rest assured Vanilla Matcha Green Tea is indeed natural and packed with nutrients. If you want to add an additional touch of flavor, the vanilla works perfectly with the sweetness of matcha. Besides the great taste, Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Powder has these awesome perks:


  • It’s rich in antioxidants and it’s organic.
  • Those who don’t like traditional coffee can drink it.
  • Preparing it is incredibly simple.


Our Vanilla Matcha Green Tea comes in a resealable bag for maximum freshness even months after you open it. However, since it is sensitive to air, moisture, and light, we recommend you keep it stored in a cool, dry place. Always reseal the bag once you’ve poured the Vanilla Matcha Green Tea into your drink.

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