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The Flavor Fund

The Flavor Fund




The Flavor Fund is being established to improve the infrastructures of the third World, specifically in South East Asia. For every sale The Flavor Project makes, we will donate 5% to this fund. The Flavor Fund will aid in a largely forgotten sector of the developing World, the post secondary school graduates. We are establishing a training program for these youths which will lead to internships and job placements with The Flavor Project and other partner companies. We also will use this fund to purchase technology and connect the farmers, craftsmen and artisans of the third World to our developed sales channels.

This not only will help create trade networks in countries like Cambodia and Laos, but will also allow consumers to source products directly from their producers and get the whole story on what they consume from its origin, farm to table. It will enable the by-passing of mass produced genetically modified, chemically enhanced items and allow the trade and fair profits to go to the actual farmer or item producer and give every thing we consume a story, reality and cultural con-text. It will take technology and use it for the purpose of creating a social network that enables human to human contact and allows transparency and inter country contact that has been other-wise suppressed. The Flavor Fund will aid in the developing of infrastructure in countries other-wise unable to compete in the global marketplace.