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What Is Matcha All About?

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If you’ve visited any coffee shop, you’ve probably noticed a proliferation of drinks involving matcha. Matcha tea, matcha lattes, there are even matcha desserts to try nowadays. With all of the exposure it’s received lately, let’s take a look at what makes matcha so special.

Matcha’s origins are in Japan. It consists of a powder made from stone ground green tea leaves. Because it’s derived directly from the leaf, drinking matcha yields the same benefits as if you were to eat the actual leaf. This means you’ll receive a more than generous dose of antioxidants with as little as half a teaspoon per serving of matcha. Matcha also contains something called EDCG, a phytochemical that may help to prevent diseases while also contributing to brain and heart health. Phytochemicals are active compounds found in plants.

For those of us that often find ourselves trying to stave off the effects of lethargy, matcha is a potent energy booster. Just a small amount of matcha can pack the same punch as that of caffeine, resulting in something of a “calm alertness”. This energy can be sustained for about to three to six hours, and best of all there is little chance of experiencing those crashes that often happen once a traditional cup of coffee has had its effect.

Matcha is incredibly flexible when it comes to consumption. A nice cup of warm matcha tea is always nice after a long day, or it can also be added into cocktails or a tasty latte, resulting in a sweet taste without bitterness.

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August 21, 2017

I need to buy Matcha Tea Powder. I am a executive chef in Sri Lanka.

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