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How to Store Your Matcha

matcha spoon

How to Store Your Matcha

It only takes one touch of silky matcha green tea powder to know that it is delicate stuff. It doesn’t like heat, it isn’t fond of exposure to air, and it no longer flourishes in light as it once did as a plant.

Matcha, when sealed in its packaging container, has a solid year on the shelf before it starts lose its beautiful colour and taste, but once opened, it’s best to try and enjoy within about 3 months. After a package of matcha has been opened, there is no point in skimping and saving it for a special occasion, we encourage you to enjoy daily in every way you can. See our recipes page for some inspiration.

Once you’ve opened your resealable bag, remember to reseal and store in the fridge.

Here at The Flavor Project , we designed our matcha containers with this purpose in mind. Our premium quality matcha green tea powder is not only protected from light, but comes in a resealable, biodegradable, stand up pouch to both preserve freshness and provide convenience.

Contact us today to learn more about matcha green tea and how to keep it at the peak of freshness.

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