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Green Tea May Help with Mental Diseases

Have you ever noticed how mentally sharp the Queen of England remains despite her age? That may have something to do with her affinity for drinking tea. Tea has been found to contain natural compounds that help keep the brain running smoothly.

Increasingly, research is showing that tea may be a vital way to reduce the chances of mental diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, for example. The American Journal of Public Health recently published some research showing that drinking tea can cut dementia risk by a whopping fifty percent, including white, black, and yes, even green tea. Each of these teas has catechins, antioxidant compounds that help keep the brain running in tip-top shape.

In a separate medical journal called Psychopharmacology, research conducted by scientists showed that people who consumed green tea on a daily basis had better cognition and memory. This research could prove vital in finding effective treatments for psychiatric disorders.

In case you needed yet another reason why you should consider adding a cup of green tea, the above research only reinforces how fantastic the tea is. Try it with a tinge of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry or vanilla!

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