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Benefits of Eating Organic

As consumers become more cognizant of what they put in their mouths, the word “organic” has increasingly come into the limelight, growing exponentially in popularity. To put it simply, “organic” simply refers to the process utilized when growing and processing agricultural products.

Here in the United States, organic products cannot use synthetic pesticides or bioengineered genes, you may recognize the latter as GMO. There is much more to it if you wish to do the research, but that’s largely the gist.

With that in mind, you may be wondering how these foods benefit you. For starters, organic foods have few pesticides or chemicals with scary-sounding names like fungicide. Because they lack preservatives, organic food is typically fresher too. Because organic farming is also friendlier to the environment, you can also consume your food knowing you’re doing your part of being kinder to Mother Nature.

Speaking of GMOs, if you read the previous blog you may already be aware that these foods aren’t very good for you as they contain plants whose DNA has been modified by scientists in ways that aren’t natural. Hence, you may have some peace of mind knowing your food hasn’t been tampered with in any strange way when you go organic.

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